At Pitch My Song, our mission is to empower and inspire songwriters to write with purpose. Founded by Connecticut native, Marisol Foumakoye, Pitch My Song offers a unique three-part event that provides songwriters with valuable connections, a platform to shine, and the resources needed to thrive in the music industry.

The Pitch My Song event is designed to bring together songwriters and industry executives in a dynamic and interactive setting. We invite special guests who are music industry professionals, such as music publishers, producers, managers, and music supervisors, to be a part of our event. They share their expertise and insights during a live workshop Q&A, providing invaluable information about the current climate of the music industry and what they are looking for in terms of music.

During the event, songwriters have the opportunity to submit one original song to be played live and receive feedback from the expert executive. We carefully select 10 songs to be featured, and each songwriter will receive 90 seconds of their song played, along with professional tips, constructive critiques, and guidance on which markets to target.

The last segment of our event is a live performance, showcasing talented artists who will each perform one original song. This gives artists the chance to pitch their songs directly to the special guest music executives, potentially opening doors for music placement opportunities and receiving valuable feedback.

Located in Connecticut, Pitch My Song provides a platform for local and regional songwriters to connect with industry professionals, showcase their talent, and gain the knowledge and resources needed to succeed in the music industry. Whether you are an aspiring songwriter or an established artist, Pitch My Song is here to support and inspire you on your musical journey. Join us for our next event and let us help you pitch your song to success!


Segment 1:

Learn the strategies to get placements

This segment of the event will be an onstage Panel discussion and Q/A with invited special guest music executives.  Audience members will have an opportunity for questions.

Segment 2:

The listening session

This segment of the event is the listening session.  All singer/songwriters should submit their songs for consideration to be played live during the show. All artists will submit original songs and have 100% ownership and control of their work.

Segment 3:

Hit the stage!

Singer/songwriters hit the stage to perform their original song.

What fans are saying!

Pitch my song was such a dope event. The panel gave awesome information for those up-and-coming artists! The artists who submitted their songs were great! A few I’ll be following to see what they come up with next! The artists that performed were such a great variety of genres, energy, and age! I would definitely attend another, “Pitch My Song!” event as it’s such a great atmosphere and great place to network.

Joyieshia Smoak

The Pitch my Song event April 8th 2022 was excellent! many young song writing and performing artist were able to get their work heard and evaluated by industry Lawyers, Producers and A&R people. It was and is a learning experience and outlet venue for music people on all levels. I as a Musician, Song writer, Producer and Promoter, I look forward to attending the next event. Definitely Not a fly by night but a very valuable venue for artists on all levels.

Brian Jarawa Gray

Pitch My Song was both entertaining and informative. I really loved the format, and how we received great pro-tips from the Panel Experts… but even more so, loved hearing them critique artist’s songs in real-time and comment on their commercial viability from a realistic scope. The artists that performed were such a great variety of genres, energy, and age! And the live performances at the end? They were the icing on the cake!

Jemar Phoenix

If you've never made it to an event, here is what you missed!


Linnette Harrigan

Music Supervisor

Linnette A. Harrigan is a New York City born Writer, Producer, Music Supervisor and an emerging Documentary Filmmaker.

Bob Celestin

Entertainment Attorney

Bob Celestin graduate of Yale University has practiced entertainment law in New York City for over 25 years.

Angela M. Jollivette

Producer, Music Supervisor

A 2x award-winning soundtrack producer, receiving an NAACP & Stellar Award. Ms. Angela is also a music supervisor among her clients are Own Network, LionsGate, Sony Pictures and many more. Ms. Angela is the owner of Moon Baby Media.

Tamara Credle

SixtyFour Music

SixtyFour Music is a full-service music company with offices in New York, London, and Berlin that specializes, in music supervision.

Past Performers

What fans are saying!

Pitch My Song was a well-rounded event full of valuable industry perspective, entertainment, energy and encouragement. Although I'm a communications professional and not an artist per se, I still appreciated the knowledge shared by Tamara, Linnette and Bob - their insight equipped me with gems I could share with my entertainment clients. I also enjoyed listening to their feedback on the songs that were played -- that was probably my favorite part. I feel the event ending with diverse performers was the icing on the cake. Amazing job, Marisol and congrats on your 3rd Pitch My Song event! I can't wait to see what's ahead for future events.

Brianna Régine

My husband and myself attended the wonderful event in Bridgeport, CT., on April 8th.  The event was nothing short of amazing!  My husband had a grand time... an event like none other. We both walked away with tons of knowledge although neither of us are song writers nor singers.  The phenomenal hostess, Marisol, was gorgeous and presented an atmosphere of elegance throughout the night.  The talent that was presented kept us on our toes. Our ears were peeled to greatness! The guest speakers were also brilliant as well as the attorney present who left us with jewels to share to many others.  Keep more of these venues coming!  It's got talent for sure.  Thank you, Marisol, for opening us up well to this courageous event full of fun, laughter, good vibes and the food was awesome!

Coach Portia

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